Historic homes have a beautiful charm, yet often lack the functionality to match a modern lifestyle.  

Recent clients owned a 1950’s style home and loved to entertain guests.  The problem was that their dining room didn’t easily accommodate large family dinners or their regular book club gatherings. 

The home also had a variety of design issues that made my clients feel constrained- the pantry was down the hall from the kitchen, the master bedroom didn’t have a walk-in closet, the powder room was tucked in a back corner, the laundry room and office space were too small, and there was no dedicated guest room. 

With functionality at the forefront of our design approach, we got to work. 

To begin the process, the outdoor patio was moved to allow more space for a large formal dining room.  Then we added a new pantry adjacent to the kitchen along with a larger island that’s more conducive to entertaining guests.

In addition to all the renovations,  we also raised their sunken living room to improve its flow with other spaces in the house.  

My clients were extremely pleased with the result – a functional, stylish home perfect for entertaining and supporting their lifestyle.  

If you’re ready to begin your home transformation, book a Dream Home & Lifestyle Planning Session.  I’m looking forward to helping you design a home that you’re truly proud to call your own.